Agriturismo Siena - Agriturismo Marciano - Tuscany Cooking Lessons

1. Food quality is an essential condition to guarantee high standards of quality life and longevity.

2. The most important element of our cooking is using high quality ingredients produced according to sustainable systems.

3. The twenty-first century has provided us with the highest of culinary standards (at least in the "first world"), but alas we with our lifestyles often lack sufficient time for quality preparation.

The above three points are the cornerstone of our school of kitchen: simple, genuine, seasonal ingredients, to be cooked in a short time, satisfying the palate and the body.

Our cooking lessons are held in the large kitchen of the Agriturismo Marciano and can be attended by a maximum of 6 persons. They consist of some theory, where we teach how to recognise quality ingredients and how to read the labels of the food you buy, and of some practice, where we cook altogether a full meal (a first course, a second course with vegetables, and a dessert). Our recipes include dishes to be prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients only, in a time of about 2 and a half hours. With a humble and simple attitude, we try to transmit our cooking experience and to teach you recipes that you can easily repeat at home.

Our lesson ends up with a dinner in which to taste the dishes we have prepared, accompanied with our wines, because "good food and good wine" are an inseparable combination for wellbeing of mind and body.

1. Our cooking lessons are held in the afternoon from 5 to 7.30pm;
2. Our lessons can be attended by a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 persons;
3. Our cooking lessons are held on request.